Geomancy – What is hidden behind it and how everyone can apply it

Geomancy – What is hidden behind it and how everyone can apply it

Healthy living with new geomancy

People with sleep disorders, high sensitivity or serious illnesses often turn to dowsers, geomancers (geomancy) and other providers calling themselves otherwise.

Many doctors or alternative practitioners test out so-called geopathological stresses, then advise interference suppression measures.

Information overload causes confusion

Most providers concentrate one-sidedly on water veins and water vein crossings, on electrosmog or – formulated quite diffusely – on earth rays. Some believe that one should not sleep over water veins at all.

They advise to adjust the bed or even to move the sleeping place to another room. Others offer (mostly expensive) shielding mats and fabrics, strange ceramic constructs with mysterious filling or even complicated and extremely expensive technical devices.

Still others speak rather of grids, in their view disturbing radiation zones in the earth, over whose crossing points one should not lie… So many theories like methods.

For orientation for laymen

Water veins: Not every water vein that can be felt by geomancers is the same as an underground stream. These are reaction zones, often already above regularly flowing rivulets.

And not every water vein is harmful for the life above it, thus also not for humans! Harmful, d.h. Draining energy, left-polar water veins alone are. Good dowsers are able to distinguish between left- and right-turning structures.

grids: The unjustly feared grids are usually the natural system of earth meridians. The earth has such lines of force, which we also know in humans and through which we treat with acupuncture.

But why should a close-meshed network of earth meridians have a negative effect on us?? This assumption lacks every logic – which does not prevent most dowsing schools to represent this thesis vehemently.

Correct however is: our earth is ill, also on energetic level. Due to various influences, more and more healthy water veins turn over, become left-turning, and from the meridians, due to various technical influences, radiations up to 700 meters long are formed, which are then indeed also left-turning and lead to considerable impairments.

What is important in the removal of

Therefore, in order to de-screen an estate, we must direct our attention primarily to left-polar, energy-robbing subtle structures.

Besides water veins, meridian radiation and electrosmog there are other factors: Forms of radioactivity (by no means only radon) in the earth and even in building materials, various kinds of faults, impairments due to building forms or certain objects that have a special relation to the inhabitants.

A proper interference suppression must stop all impairments in the long run. The popular shielding with different materials can at best bring very limited relief.

Many often praised materials do not achieve what is expected of them: for example, a cork floor only prevents bad energies to a limited extent – on the contrary, it also shields off the good ones!

It depends on the whole living environment

With the Disturbance of a sleeping place alone it is not done! The energy body, to which we humans or animals react, is our dwelling resp. our house. And what acts on us constantly is the entire energy potential of our living space.

Freilich, in the bed we stay for a long time. And it is important that we are refueled, replenished by the energies of the earth and the cosmos during the night. Can we sleep badly, wake up several times or sleep through, are nevertheless according to the condition always unausgeschlafen, then something is not correct in our living environment.

The decisive factor is that the energy potential, measured in Bovis units, reached a certain minimum value. If we measure values from 9.000 Bovis units, then there is certainty that all subtle disturbances are eliminated or eliminated. are in control.

Neither electrosmog nor other factors that are problematic for health are then effective.

With the methods that we have developed in the New Geomancy, we can quickly, effectively and sustainably remove disturbances. Nothing must be adjusted or rebuilt, no equipment and materials purchased and, if necessary, used. also be installed elaborately.

What is New Geomancy?

New Geomancy stands for the methods developed since 2006 from recovered knowledge and reinvigorated magical forces for healing and strengthening restoration of the intact subtle energy field of the earth.

Thus also to the Entstörung and energizing of dwellings and work areas, for the healing of earth, humans, animals and plants as well as for many further application fields going beyond the pure Entstörung.

In contrast to other geomantic schools, this knowledge and ability is based on fundamentals that are given to us through mediumistic instructions from the spiritual world and from the natural kingdom, based on our own research results and on the energetic possibilities that allow us to mentally influence the subtle levels of the earth.

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Werner Hartung & Anne Stallkamp

New geomancy: Healing of man and the earth

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Werner Hartung & Anne Stallkamp - New Geomancy: Healing of man and the earth

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