Which vacuum cleaner is good for allergy sufferers Our tips and tricks

Which vacuum cleaner is good for allergy sufferers Our tips and tricks

Which vacuum cleaner is good for allergy sufferers?

If dust is stirred up in their own four walls, house dust allergy sufferers struggle with burning eyes, an unpleasant scratchy throat and a runny nose.

But also pollen allergy sufferers or people with an animal hair allergy react sensitively to irritants in the private premises.

The solution: a comprehensively clean home.

But which vacuum cleaner is suitable for allergy sufferers and what tricks can be used to keep allergy symptoms at bay when cleaning the house??

This article provides answers!

What allergy symptoms worsen when cleaning the house?

We all know it: rooms only look really cozy when fluffy carpets, comfortable cushions, a cozy sofa, thick blankets and heavy curtains complement the furniture.

However, these textiles in particular accumulate dirt over time Irritants such as dust, mites, mite excrement, animal hair, pollen and Harmful substances from.

And when the musty smell of carpets and co. Although a thorough cleaning of the house is ultimately unavoidable, vacuuming in particular triggers symptoms in allergy sufferers.

Often occur Irritation, a sore throat, burning and watery eyes, a runny nose, asthmatic complaints, and headaches to.

The water vacuum cleaner: Efficient cleaning for allergy sufferers

A water vacuum cleaner is an innovative floor vacuum cleaner with an appealing design, which has a water tank. Users fill the tank with between 2.5 and 3 liters of tap water.

The innovative vacuum cleaner ensures a high suction power. Vivenso’s vacuum cleaner, for example, removes dust in this way 99.998 percent of all irritants such as pollen, animal hair or mites from the room air.

Efficient cleaning is made possible by the heart of the vacuum cleaner: the two-stage separator.

This sucks in the allergens and presses them with a power of 25.000 revolutions per minute into the tap water in the water tank of the device.

All dirt particles are thus reliably bound and do not re-enter the room air through the exhaust air. This is the only way Comprehensive and sustainable cleaning of the interior.

The dirty water is then disposed of in the sink or toilet. No dust is stirred up during this process either. also arises no garbage, which makes the vacuum cleaner a sustainable all-rounder.

Allergy sufferers also benefit from the Range of functions of the water vacuum cleaner: it serves as a vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner, suction wiper, air purifier, aromatizer or window cleaner.

In addition, the water vacuum cleaner can be used as an air humidifier. The air in the room is thus sustainably humidified, making it easier to breathe, and allergy sufferers with asthmatic complaints in particular benefit from the use of the device.

Also Deep cleaning of textiles such as mattresses or sofas is possible. Because the device can be extended with numerous additional functions.

At the same time, the all-in-one energy efficient. For example, the Vivenso floor vacuum cleaner, Made in Germany, has a maximum power consumption of 650 watts at peak performance.

Vacuuming with allergies: 5 tips for house cleaning

The nose runs and after the last coughing fit the throat hurts: For allergy sufferers, cleaning the apartment is a real challenge.

But with the following tips, the discomfort can be reduced sustainably!

Tip 1: Remove allergens completely

Many vacuum cleaners do not remove the allergens at home in a satisfactory way. A water vacuum cleaner reduces them almost completely, so allergy sufferers can finally breathe easy again.

Acute allergic reactions can be avoided in the long term. The decisive factor is clean the entire apartment comprehensively.

Tip 2: Vacuum and wipe in parallel

Some vacuum cleaners have a Suction-wipe function, which takes place in parallel. In general, if you want to rid your home of irritants, you should not only vacuum, but also wipe all surfaces.

Tip 3: Deep cleaning textiles

House dust allergy sufferers know it: mites and mite droppings settle in textiles. To reduce symptoms, the mattress, sofa and chairs should therefore be vacuumed regularly.

With a water vacuum cleaner with deep cleaning function succeeds a comprehensive cleaning. mites and excrement are reliably removed.

Tip 4: Clean windows from pollen

Pollen allergy sufferers prefer their own four walls during the pollen season. But even here the symptoms worsen. Because after a pollen countless irritants are found especially on the windows, which get into the living space when ventilated.

Therefore, the windows should be cleaned regularly. A water vacuum cleaner with Window cleaning function enables comprehensive cleaning of all windows.

A water vacuum cleaner with window cleaning function allows comprehensive cleaning of all windows

Tip 5: Go for the right water vacuum cleaner

There are numerous water vacuum cleaners with various functions on the market. But what are the guidelines for consumers looking for a suitable water vacuum cleaner?

A point of orientation is provided by test results from independent magazines, which regularly test various devices and publish the test criteria and results on the Internet.

The Vivenso water vacuum cleaner was tested by ETM Testmagazin, Experten testen and RTL.de tested and rated with high scores. RTL.de selected it to the Test winner.


Allergy sufferers benefit from a water vacuum cleaner with a powerful separator and useful additional functions.

A water vacuum cleaner cleans the surfaces and the room air efficiently and effectively.

It makes it possible to eliminate as many allergens as possible by vacuuming and wiping, cleaning the textiles and washing the windows.

If you want to buy a water vacuum cleaner, you can refer to the test results of magazines.

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