Filtering tap water despite good drinking water quality

Filtering tap water despite good drinking water quality

Filter tap water or not?

Water is an important basic element for nature as well as for humans. While tap water was not really considered fit for drinking in the past, nowadays it is given a completely different status.

It now has an excellent quality, so that it can be used as drinking water. However, this depends on various factors, such as the living area. For this reason, many people additionally filter the tap water, even though it is often no longer even necessary.

Filtering tap water despite drinking water quality?

Nowadays, many people are still of the opinion that tap water cannot be drunk without hesitation. The reasons for the opinions are different, because it is known that in old water pipes, for example, lead settles, residues of pesticides are present or there is nitrate in the groundwater.

Basically, however, the waterworks are responsible for filtering the water according to the drinking water ordinance, so that it can be used as drinking water without hesitation. This is ensured not least by the strict controls to which the filtration is subject.

Residues in drinking water

It has certainly been proven that there are drug residues in drinking water, but the amounts are so small that there is no danger to one’s health. This also applies to the nitrate values in the water, which are hardly worth mentioning.

Pesticides and hormones could not be detected in previous tests of the water, so that tap water can be used as drinking water without hesitation. Who is skeptical nevertheless, can filter the tap water additionally.

For this purpose, there are various water filters, which remove all harmful substances, bacteria and lime from the water.

The osmosis plant for filtering tap water

The osmosis plant works with a so-called reverse osmosis process. The process is a water purification process that was actually developed for the military and aerospace industry. The water is freed from dirt particles by splitting them, separating dirt particles and water.

The dirt molecules always try to distribute evenly in the water. With the osmosis plant, this process is reversed and the water and dirt molecules are separated from each other, resulting in clean water in the end.

The use of an osmosis system is much more effective than a fine filter, which can be used to filter drinking water. The osmosis system promises a high degree of purification, resulting in absolutely pure and clean osmosis water after filtration.

This system is available for industrial use, but also for domestic use. The installation is relatively simple and easy and is almost invisible.

The benefits of an osmosis plant

Those who want particularly pure and clean water will quickly discover the advantages of an osmosis system for themselves. It completely filters out all residues from the water, so that in the end pure water is produced, which can be wonderfully used as drinking water.

Osmosis units come in different sizes and designs, but all models have the same purpose. The smaller models can be wonderfully integrated into the household to filter the tap water thoroughly once again.

The osmosis system is not connected directly to the sewage system, but only at the end of the water path. This is the only way to remove impurities from the house pipes, so that in the end you can enjoy clean water.

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