Grape seed oil used as a massage oil – What are its advantages?

Grape seed oil used as a massage oil – What are its advantages?

Grape seed oil in use as massage oil

Grape seed oil is a popular edible oil, which was already used in the Middle Ages as a treatment for inflammations and for the production of cosmetics.

The oil offers valuable ingredients, which have a positive effect on the whole organism. However, many people also love the oil for its fruity and nutty flavor.

The oil was developed in 19. Century in Hungary and in the Mediterranean area from the grapes pressed. Later the expansion to Austria and Germany took place.

The oil is absolutely popular nowadays. For one liter of oil about forty kilograms of seeds are needed.

Advantages and possible disadvantages of use

The oil is generally considered to be of high quality and it offers the fruity and slightly nutty aroma. The oil can have a positive effect on the human body when used externally and internally.

Due to a lot of natural vitamin E, the cells can be protected by the organism from the damage caused by radicals and also the immune system can be strengthened.

The unsaturated fatty acids can also have a positive effect on health. Inflammations can be inhibited and rheumatic diseases can be counteracted.

It can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and regulate the water balance of the skin.

Somewhat negatively only the accessibility and the smell are described. The oils are not available in every supermarket and the smell is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The oil is otherwise non-greasy and lightweight. It is suitable for all skin types, versatile, optimal for natural anti-aging and rich in valuable antioxidants.

Types of grape seed oil

For the different areas of application there are also different dosage forms. Depending on the purpose, of course, the oil should work optimally.

The grape seed oil is available as capsules and so the ingredients can enter the blood directly through the digestive tract.

The oil is also available for cosmetic purposes and as an edible oil. The edible oil is sold refined or cold refined.

The refined oil is much cheaper, but for this also less healthy. In addition, a special hair oil is sold and shampoos are made on the basis of the oil.

The skin oil can have a rejuvenating effect and help against the formation of wrinkles. There is also a shower gel with the oil and soap with the oil. Last but not least is the special massage oil.

General use and advantages of grape seed oil for massages

Generally grape seed oil is used for the hair, for the skin and for cooking. The oil is thus very versatile. For the skin can mention an anti-inflammatory effect and stressed to sore skin can be soothed.

The oil is well absorbed, the pores are not clogged and in the case of the skin the oil balance can be regulated. Hair can become softer and shinier with the oil when applied.

Especially as massage oil there is a wide use and in England it is the product what is most often used for massages.

Among the positive effects can be mentioned not only relaxation, but also a greater skin elasticity.

wrinkles can be soothed and stressed areas regenerated. The oil is quickly absorbed and there are no greasy residues.

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