Headache – Osteopathic therapy can help supportively

Headache – Osteopathic therapy can help supportively

Gentle pressure against headache

If another disease is ruled out and the headache is more frequent, holistic osteopathic therapy can provide supportive help.

In osteopathy we work exclusively with our hands. There is no use of medical devices, injections or medicines. The idea is that bones, muscles and the internal organs are interrelated. With the help of traction and pressure techniques, the skilled osteopath can detect and release blockages and dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system, the internal organs and the nervous system. Osteopathy is not aimed at treating the actual symptoms of disease. Rather, it should help to activate the self-healing powers of the patient.

Headache from the point of view of osteopathy

In the case of headaches, osteopathy attaches particular importance to the masticatory muscles, the shoulder-neck muscles and the small neck muscles. This is because every muscle, when tense, has a certain radiation pattern, and can thus trigger a certain headache (z. B. forehead, occipital or temporal headache). Through precise anatomical knowledge of the muscles and their respective radiation patterns, the osteopath can locate tense or shortened muscles and relax them. Which then leads to the decrease of the headache.

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