Skin care The best tips for a vital, healthy appearance

Skin care The best tips for a vital, healthy appearance

Care for skin: The best tips for a vital appearance

The biological process of skin aging is unstoppable. Approximately between the 25. and 30. The first wrinkles start to form at the age of six and some people try to fight against them.

The fact is: even mature skin has its charm and we should not try with all our might to stop nature.

However, there are some tips & Tricks that help to ensure that skin aging is at least not accelerated.

In the following, we take a look at what measures everyone can take to do something good for their appearance and stand by their personal appearance with self-confidence.

Besides nutrition, the psyche also plays a role. Ultimately, many factors interact to determine skin health.

We have most of these in our own hands and can therefore actively contribute to our well-groomed and beautiful appearance.

The skin is our largest organ

Some may not realize it, but our outer shell is not just a protective layer, it is an organ – the largest our body has to offer.

The skin has impressive self-healing powers. If we injure ourselves once, scabs form and the skin can grow again.

In addition, our skin is capable of absorbing various substances, has sweat glands to cool the body and is also the center of our sense of touch.

In addition, our skin tells stories about what we have put it and our body in general through our lives.

Sometimes the skin is also called the “mirror of the soul”, which some may find too esoteric. What is true, however, is that our skin can definitely provide information about deficiency symptoms.

Brittle and cracked skin can be interpreted as an alarm sign, as can a rash. There is not always a disease behind it. Sometimes it is just allergic reactions or intolerances.

In any case, it is certain that we should pay attention to the appearance of our skin because it reveals a lot about us.

The cosmetics industry offers many aids

Care for the skin with natural substances

Because the skin is not only an important organ, but also directly related to our visual impact, the industry has come up with a lot to create supposed miracle cures.

These are of course to improve skin health. The desire for beautiful skin is great, because – along with well-groomed teeth and hair – it is simply the first thing that catches our eye when we meet a person.

Besides chemically pumped up substances, which are highly questionable in their effect and often promise only short-term effects, there are also natural preparations, which do not contain substances that harm the skin rather than cause a beneficial effect.

There used to be a big “anti-aging” trend. Today one speaks rather of “Healthy Aging. So it is not so much a question of stopping the aging process of the skin with substances such as skin injections with Botox.

Instead, you should age healthily and offer your skin something good that strengthens it in every phase of life.

The following natural substances are considered particularly important for a vital appearance:

⦁ Vitamin A (retinol),
⦁ Vitamin C,
Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid in particular enjoys the reputation of being able to improve the moisturization of the skin due to its water-retaining function.

As with coenzyme Q10, which has long been marketed as a miracle cure, long-term scientific studies are still lacking to substantiate its effectiveness.

Especially fragrances and preservatives can cause strong negative reactions and therefore have no place in modern cosmetics.

The product mentioned also contains rose petal water, which is also of natural origin and is said to have an outstanding effect on pimple marks in particular.

In any case, it is very gentle and refreshing.

The right diet for radiant appearance

As already mentioned, natural substances, including vitamins, are responsible for maintaining beautiful skin.

It is not for nothing that one speaks again and again of the beauty “that comes from within”.

If we eat a one-sided and deficient diet, this can have a direct effect on our skin. Some products are even bad for the skin in many ways.

Fast food, for example, not only contains few vitamins, but is also full of artificial ingredients (z.B. Preservatives), which put additional stress on our appearance.

Considered real superfoods for beautiful skin:

⦁ avocados,
⦁ Berries,
⦁ Olives,
⦁ tomatoes,
⦁ Legumes,
⦁ eggs,
⦁ Yogurt,
⦁ and many other foods.

Of course, each person must pay attention to individual intolerances. For those who are allergic to foods or have recurring intestinal problems when certain foods are consumed should, of course, adjust a menu accordingly.

In addition, don’t scowl and eat something you don’t like just because it’s supposed to be good for your skin.

But the most obvious superfood for skin is still missing here: water. It is often underestimated how important it is for our body to be supplied with sufficient fluids.

Most of our organism consists of water and without drinking enough, our skin cannot regenerate sufficiently.

Tip: Those who find it difficult to get themselves to drink enough water every day can spice up the supposedly boring-tasting tap water with mint leaves and fruit.

For this purpose, so-called fruit infusers are also offered – special bottles in which you can place various ingredients that flavor the water.

Avoiding stress and getting plenty of sleep

Finally, our skin is also highly stressed and tends to be susceptible when we are permanently under stress and sleep too little. The impressive self-healing powers of the skin are active above all during sleep.

However, if the body uses up its resources to overexert itself, this function suffers.

Of course, it’s always easier said than done, but where we can avoid stress, we should look for ways to do so.

And instead of watching a few more episodes on Netflix with a frozen pizza to apply a cheap cosmetic product afterwards, you can also just go to bed earlier and do something good for your skin this way.

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