Air pollution – What you can do against smog and bad air

Air pollution – What you can do against smog and bad air

Air pollution and what to do about it

Air pollution has now become a global problem. Especially big cities have to deal with more and more smog and bad air.

In Germany particularly the metropolises and population centers are concerned thereby. Because according to a recent statistic of the World Health Organization, life is shortened by up to nine months due to persistent air pollution.

Bad air, polluted by fine dust and carbon monoxide, harms our health and weakens the immune system. Accordingly, it is your duty to do something against air pollution and to defend yourself against fine dust.

The market for measures that reduce smog and particulate matter and clean the air is growing.

Below, we have listed a number of ways to help clean the air and curb air pollution.

Use air purifiers for clean air in your own home

In large cities, metropolitan areas and near arterial roads, residents often struggle with poor air quality in their homes. More and more polluted air is entering apartments and houses due to exhaust fumes from industry and traffic.

The demand for indoor air purifiers is increasing. In many cities around the world, home air purifiers are already standard equipment.

In Germany a market for it developed only in the last years. This is how room air purifiers succeed in filtering smog, fine dust and pollutants from the air.

This increases not only the well-being in the domestic domicile, but is also very beneficial to the health of the body.

Particularly in a household with small children and babies, an appropriate air filter should not be dispensed with.

Leave the car for short distances

Perhaps it is not always very comfortable to do without the car. But only those who set a good example will be able to protect the environment and produce less pollutants and particulate matter.

Accordingly, especially in good weather, one should simply do without the car and go shopping or to work by bicycle.

If the way to work is longer, it should be considered to found a car pool with other colleagues.

Switching to public transport is also a good alternative to reduce smog and pollutants in the air. Accordingly, private individuals themselves are called upon to promote an environmentally conscious change in thinking.

Focus on local products

Many of the products we consume every day have come a long way. There are also a variety of products that are locally produced or grown.

Fruit and vegetables should be bought exclusively from local producers for the sake of the environment, to rebel against long transport routes.

The advantage here is not only the containment of pollutants but also a local connection to food from the region. One knows where the food comes from and creates a more conscious consumption.

Saving energy against air pollution

Saving energy can also help produce fewer pollutants. If you make sure you only switch on electrical appliances when you really need them, you save electricity and protect the environment.

Thermostats also succeed in saving energy for heating. The saves not only the environment, but also the wallet. In addition, we should think about switching to green electricity instead of using electricity from coal-fired power plants.

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