Beauty rituals pamper body, mind and of course the senses

Beauty rituals pamper body, mind and of course the senses

Indulging the senses through beauty rituals

Doing something good for yourself at home with a pampering program and through beauty rituals can be a wonderful balance to stressful everyday life. Especially in the colder season, body, mind and soul need additional care.

Starting with the popular relaxing bath, a foot bath, to the cleansing face mask or the home manicure. There are so many wonderful ways to pamper yourself.

Beauty rituals start with the right preparation

A short preparation puts us in the right mood for the beneficial break. Dim lights, a few candles, your favorite music in the background enhance the home spa experience.

The body as a temple of the soul

It is a good idea to start with dry brushing. This not only removes dry skin flakes, but also supports the skin’s own defense system.

Getting into a full bath makes it easy to leave behind the worries of everyday life. Dive into the scent of lavender and let your mind wander, or pick up a book and immerse yourself in another world. You can find peace of mind at will. With the right bath additive, the vapors are a boon for irritated mucous membranes.

A subsequent massage with a skin oil or body lotion, is a real boon. All senses are addressed.

The skin as a mirror of the soul

The skin is an expression of how the body and mind are currently doing. So a loving care of the face, should not be missing from a pampering program in any case.

Depending on the skin type, you can choose between a peeling or a mask. To apply the care products especially slowly and mindfully, leads to an even better result. For the skin as well as for the soul. You should always finish with a nourishing care.

The extra for the special occasion

After the beauty ritual still what before? It is obvious to include also a manicure and pedicure. A nourishing foot and hand cream is now well absorbed. Also the cuticles are supplied with new moisture and the dreaded cracked skin can be prevented. The new nail polish is now all the more preferable to apply.

In order to carry out one’s own beauty ritual at home, there is an almost unmanageably large selection of products. To try out can be time-consuming.

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